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As an Edgar Fellows graduate, I value bipartisan collaboration to come up with real solutions. I have willingly and seamlessly worked with everyone from all sides in my private sector experience which includes chairing a Lake County 501c3 sustainability nonprofit, serving as an elected Mundelein Trustee, and working staff side in local government.

With over a decade of Management and Director level leadership under my belt, I am best known for outside the box thinking, collaborative solutions, moving data and processes onto the website to better serve clients, and reducing redundancy in workflow.

Qualified. Experienced. Servant leader.
Vote for Holly Kim.

Here are a few of her platforms...

Property Taxes

I will be your voice fighting everyday against unfair property taxes being imposed upon middle class homeowners. As your County Treasurer, I will be naming names: local governments who are responsible for raising your property taxes will be called out and held accountable. And I will encourage the County Board to stop raising its property tax levy year after year.

Government Consolidation

Lake County must be fiscally responsible and everything should be on the table, including the office of the County Treasurer. As Chairperson of the Vernon Township Road District Consolidation Study Committee, I will be sure to recommend consolidation of any wasteful, outdated and redundant aspects of government. Lake County should be put under the same microscope to determine if we can reorganize the County to save taxpayer funds without sacrificing the services that are being provided to our residents.

Elected officials salaries

The current Lake County Treasurer takes home an outrageous $124,755 per year, which is over $40,000 more than the median income for a family in Lake County. Politicians should stop lining their pocket with hard-earned taxpayer money; and a single elected official should not be making so much more than a typical family.

Those who know me, know how involved I am in the Jaycees, philanthropy and altruism. I’m running for this office to make a difference, not to enrich myself; so I will be donating $40,000 of the Treasurer’s salary to civic groups all over Lake County like the Rotary, Jaycees, Lions, Key Club, VFW, and Legion. These are the organizations doing the most good for their communities in a non-political way. They run your local carnivals and events in town. By the end of my term, I should have donated $160,000 back through these groups in a way that benefits all Lake County residents.

Information sharing

Having experience representing companies at various meetings and trade shows, the Lake County Treasurer's office just isn't doing enough to inform residents of what exactly they do, and current news. I've seen the State's Attorney and even the Coroner's office at expos, carnivals, and info fairs. Why not the Treasurer's office? As your elected official, I will be out in the community and use social media for disseminating useful information and for accountability. I will be accessible and visibly where you are -working hard for YOU the residents and taxpayers- at those events.

Excited? I am, too. Visit the pages on my website to learn more about my family, the campaign, and how to volunteer or donate. Thank you!

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